The Estate

In the beautiful Tuscan countryside, 3 kilometers from the center of San Gimignano, is located the estate of Le Calcinaie.

Speaking is Simone Santini, owner and jack-of-all-trades of this small and well-run estate.

Ever since I earned my degree in wine technology at the Siena Agrarian Institute, I've dreamed of dedicating myself to nature and wine. I was finally able to do this, planting my first vinyard in 1986 and beginning to make wine in 1993.

From 1995 on the estate produces grapes by biological methods: this means copper and sulfur salts as antiparassite insecticides and genuine fertilizer; that is, products with a very low toxicity.

Then from 2001, our wine-making itself is a certified biological process. All my efforts go towards a continuing qualitative improvement of the wines we produce: quality above all.